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Step-by-Step Instructions on the Registration Form:

Step 1.  After downloading the registration PDF check the Veterinary Acupuncture Classes you have
             previously attended.

Step 2.  Fill out contact information.

Step 3.  Select the discounts and fees that apply to you. The full payment for the tuition of each session must

be received 60  days before the beginning of corresponding session. The discounted price ends 60

days before the session starts. The tuition will increase by $50 if registering within 1-59 days before the beginning of corresponding session.

Step 4.  Select the Method of Payment.

Step 5.  If you are a new student of the Chi Institute, please attach a brief biographical sketch explaining you r type of work and your motivation for attending our program(s). Please indicate any previous exposure or experience with Traditional Chinese Medicine including acupuncture or Chinese herbals. Please also attach or email a recent photograph of yourself, faxed pictures not acceptable. Please note a one-time nonrefundable $100 application fee is required for the application process and student file. Your registration will not be complete until your registration form, photo, and bio are received.

Step 6.  Please print and SIGN this form. Mail and fax (if possible) the signed form with your payment to us b y
              using the contact information at the top of the page. Payment is received by staff in the US, but please note that the 
              course is held at
6 Gawler Rd, Two Wells, SA, 5501.


Class Transfer Policy:

A student may request to transfer his/her registration to a future class by calling our registration department directly at

+1-800-891-1986 x. 5 or emailing Financial responsibility remains with the student for all class fees unless a proper transfer request is received and confirmed by CHI prior to the start of the class. Class transfers are subject to the following fees (measured from the first day of the class)

* More than 30 calendar days No charge

* 30 or fewer calendar days 10% of the total class fee

The student is responsible for paying any difference in tuition or fee increase between the registered class and the transferred class. A class registration can be transferred only ONCE. After the transfer, the registration is no longer cancellable or transferable and any payment associated with it is no longer refundable.


Class Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations may be made by phone but a cancellation letter must be submitted to Chi Institute in writing via fax, mail or email and signed by the doctor who is canceling before the refund is issued. The following class cancellation fee schedule (measured from the first day of the class) applies:

* More than 60 calendar days No charge/Full Refund

* 30 - 60 calendar days 25% of the total class fee

* 15 - 29 calendar days 50% of the total class fee

* 8 - 14 calendar days 75% of the total class fee

* 7 or fewer calendar days 100% of the total class fee


Fees and Refunds

All cancellation and transfer fees will be charged to credit cards provided by the student at the time of registering for the

class. For a cancellation with payment(s), the refund of the paid amount less the cancellation fee will be issued. All refunds for credit card payments are subject to 4% of the total refund amount as a processing charge.